Top 10 Christmas Ideas for Her (2020)

There’s something for every girl in this list. An aspiring calligrapher, the seasoned bullet journalist, the office lady. Take your pick at my selection of best gift ideas for the woman in your life. 

Dailylike Pen Case Lesser Panda

1. DailyLike Pen Case | $14.90

This lovely pencil case not only stores your writing materials but can also double up as a travel case for your ear piece, wires and plane ticket or whatever you want it to be!

This will make an excellent Christmas gift for those who love a little bit of cute in their life.

MT 10 Colours Washi Tape Set Light

2. MT 10 Colours Washi Tape Set Light | $21.90

This box of 10 rolls makes a good gift for any washi tape lover. The sweet colours are a good addition to any school, work or DIY project. 

Midori Mesh Graphics Pouch Check Black

3. Midori Mesh Graphics Pouch | $27.50 

The simplicity of the design is what makes these pouches so attractive. 

We love that this “MESH GRAPHICS” series pouch is big enough to store your essentials: daily journal, phone, wallet for a casual day out. It also comes with a matching pencil case so you can really coordinate! 

Cavallini Dandelion Vintage Pouch

4. Cavallini Dandelion Vintage Tote Bag | $28.50

You’ll be happy to bring this cotton canvas tote bag along when you make a trip to the market, bookstore or to a coffee date.

The vintage feel of the bag makes it ironically fashionable and I love the happy vibes it gives. 

Helen Kelly Dotti Pen

5. Helen Kelly Dotti Pen | $29.90

The Dotti Pen is adorable and deserves a spot in your pencil case.

Effortlessly combining functionality with classic design, it’s a stunning accessory that’s reasonably priced and good for gift giving.

6. Orbitkey 2.0 | $44.90 – 54.90

Never lose your keys again with this beautiful genuine leather made key holder. 

Each Orbitkey holds 2-7 keys and allows for car keys to be attached too. The sage and blush colours are especially elegant and will even match your Leuchtturm1917 notebooks but black and tan colours are also available for the lady who prefers to keep things neutral. 

Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5 Medium Notebook Powder - Dotted

7. Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5 Medium Notebook | $37

The Muted colours series is far from dull. The colours are without a doubt my favouring amongst the Leuchtturm1917 collection so far. Between Bellini, Powder, Sage and Denim, there’s a colour for everyone.  

The notebook comes with 251 pages of 80gsm fountain pen friendly paper and 3 formats: plain, dotted and lined. The notebook also lays flat to allow for an easier writing time. 

Leuchtturm1917 Drehgriffel Ballpoint Pen

8. Leuchtturm1917 Drehgriffel Ballpoint Pen | $45 

You’ll be holding history in your hands as the Drehgriffeel is 100-years-old! This beautiful pen was revived by Leuchtturm1917 to provide the perfect writing partner to their journals. Despite its complicated name, the Drehgriffel is a simple pen that can be enjoyed by all ages.

With 9 exciting colours and the option to personalise it with an engraving, it makes for a really nice gift. 

Karin DécoBrush Metallic Set of 10

9. Karin DécoBrush Metallic Set of 10 | $46

The metallic versions of the Karin brushmarker Pro is one you can consider as it makes your pieces shine. Literally! This set of 10 markers are made with liquid ink technology so they’ll last you till your last drop!

TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Pastel Pink

10. TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen | $42

Beginner and veteran fountain pen users will enjoy this beautiful and functional pen. The ECO in its name is short for economical as its essentially an affordable clone of the popular TWSBI Diamond 580. Score! 

This pen will make the perfect companion to any writer friend.

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