10 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids & Tweens (2020)

Christmas gifts for kids and tweens are made easy with this mix of cute and creative present ideas.

MU Craft Print-On Sticker Leaves & Notes 138
  1. Mu Craft Print-On Sticker | $3.90 – $5.90

If you’re trying to get a child to love journaling, you’ll want to get them these Mu Craft Print-On Stickers. Kids who love or hate writing will enjoy it so much more now with these stickers to go with. 

These versatile stickers aren’t limited to just paper and can go on any flat and dry surfaces like glass and even mugs. If you’ve got a transparent phone cover on hand, you’ll enjoy customising your cover uniquely to you. 

MT Mystery Pack

2. MT Mystery Pack | $10

Washi tapes are useful in any situation so they make for a really good stationery add-on in any pencil case or study room. 

In this Mystery Pack that’s worth $25, you’ll get washi tapes of all patterns that will keep your journals, room and life colourful.

Midori Mini Cleaner

3. Midori Mini Cleaner | $10.50

You didn’t know you needed this till now. This palm-sized mini cleaner is exactly what it says it is. The broom inside the car sweeps up eraser scraps, dust from punches and bread crumbs. 

The mini cleaner comes in 2 different shapes and various colours. 

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

4. Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen | $16.05

Getting into the hobby of fountain pen writing can be daunting especially with the high price point it is normally associated with. That’s where the Kakuno comes in. Any beginner will be thrilled to have this starter fountain pen that’s not only at a value for money but also a great writing tool. 

Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen 12 Pieces Set II

5. Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen 12 Piece Set II | $22.50 

This is a great value-for-money starter set for any beginner brush letterer. The smaller nibs allow for better control and the vivid ink produced is gorgeous. 

The 12 piece set includes the following ink colours: Burgundy, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Turquoise Green, Pale Brown, Light Green, Light Grey, Pink Purple, Pale Pink, Pale Blue, Grey Blue, Blue Violet.

LIHIT LAB Punilabo Egg Pouch

6. LiHit LAB Punilabo Egg Pouch | $26 – $29.95

This adorable pouch was made for the young and the young at heart. The egg shaped body is able to store writing supplies and other small items you’ll need for school or work. 

This standing pouch certainly deserves a spot on your desk. 

Kaweco PERKEO Fountain Pen Old Chambray

7. Kaweco PERKEO Fountain Pen Old Chambray | $28.90

Another great beginner fountain pen to start with. Styled after the classic Kaweco design and high quality writing, this ergonomic pen ensures that beginners can also get a smooth writing experience. 

The clamshell set comes with one PERKEO fountain pen and 3 ink cartridges, making it a good Christmas gift.

LIHIT LAB Punilabo Stand Pen Case

8. LIHIT LAB Punilabo Stand Pen Case | $30 

This adorable pencil case is a hit with kids. The ‘PuniLabo’ series features a range of kawaii animal inspired designs that can fit up to 15 of your favourite writing materials, stand on your desk and is super easy to clean too. 

Chalkapella Chalk-A-Tee (Adult) S

9. Chalkapella Chalk-A-Tee | $34.90

Everyday brings new inspiration. Draw or write down your thoughts and display them for all to see on the Chalk-A-Tee. Kids will be encouraged to express their creativity and the best part being that the chalk is washable. 

Elmer's Everyday Slime Starter Kit

10. Elmer’s Everyday Slime Starter Kit | $35 

Slime’s the way to go for the holidays! The kit includes two bottles of clear glue that forms the ideal transparent slime base to customise with colour plus five glitter glue pens that add explosive personality to your slime. 

The perfect gift for endless family fun. 

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