21 Traveler’s Notebook Artsy Spreads that will blow you away

While these definitely do not and should not be placed into specific categories, we did so to help us to categorize our inspiration. We hope this gives you some good ideas for your future spreads! We have three categories – Watercolour, Line Art and Collages! Many of these pictures show artists using stamps too!

Watercolour Art Journaling

Above features the artwork of @mylenemolo a very talented watercolour artist!

Before we start painting, we swatch, we swatch everything!!! It is honestly so satisfying to see the whole palette swatched on the TN! Remember to clip your book down with the TN Brass Clip to prevent the pages from accidentally sticking to each other.

Well @journal_this, not sure if your jaw dropped but ours did. The layering and detail is beautiful, as well as the way the date was put on the side of the page.

Now we really think it’s time for ice cream and a goooood meal! This spread makes us want to let our hair down for a day out at a cafe!

This was done in the TN Watercolour Sketch Insert! It’s acres and acres of beautiful nature and mountains for miles!

@angga_sinaga uses the TN Refill 025 that has cream paper and gives that lovely texture which is a perfect canvas for this beautiful art piece! The depth of field created gives an illusion of actually walking down the road.

Line Art Journaling and Plain Ol’ Lovely Word Art

Usually done with one black pen, line art as the name suggests, uses lines to create art, usually drawn, or well, written. We don’t deny writing is line art too :’)

Look at that cute drawing! It’s not just detailed but it’s so narrative too. Tell stories everyday with your art in your TN!

That’s the power of one white gel pen. Wonderful work @tiffybutter!

The way @nadiahkimie journals is not just aesthetically pleasing, it makes all of us wanna whip out a blank page and begin journaling too!

Aren’t those magnolias so calming? @saricastudio has lovely art and she has many ideas if you need inspiration on how to use your Traveler’s Notebook. 

Ohmycat indeed! The detail is stunning, look at that jaw-dropping pencil art by @ravenfox13. Try the TN Sketch Paper Refill for your drawing needs! 

Got all those vintage ocean feels! The way that @writingmyrenaissance_ stacked those layers so subtly yet so well gives us much inspiration to bust out those old stamps and seals too!

Map out your travels with @the.bibliophile.angel. Then connect the dots with little arrows to track your travels πŸ™‚

Lastly before we head to the last section, check out @thetinyblot. She combines word art and collages into a beautiful masterpiece

Collage Journaling

Collage Journaling is usually the beautiful (and really tough) art of putting together scraps of paper and bits of little memories that are collected from our daily life – movie and concert tickets, airplane ticket stubs, paper doilies, little doodles, post-its, receipts, newspaper cuttings, etc as @yemseul does it!

We are awed at the power of collage, seriously! Also, @moya_529 brilliantly layered washi tape to differentiate the date and day.

Yet another collaged piece of beauty! Interesting direction as well, mostly people do portrait style, this is more landscape styled!

Here are a few more gorgeously layered pieces of art!

A lot of basic ephemera make for an amazing set up! If you would like to use grid tapes to complement your spreads, you can grab them here!

Integrating photos and photo paper with lovely scallop tape, @bri.lliantly_ does it so well.

Ending off this blogpost is the lovely @ditzy_klutz’s journal spread. She does junk journaling so check it out!

Get the items you need to boost your art game here:

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Don’t forget the clip to hold everything together!

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